Company Registration: 08434266

Our Services

At Teesoft Limited, we offer services in these areas;

  • IT consultation
  • IT support and repairing laptop screens, keyboards and batteries e.t.c.
  • Information display management and hire (LED display devices, Signage, Moving Truck-LED)
  • Project Management and Service Management
  • Business Analysis/Stakeholder management
  • Deployment of kiosks or self-service devices.
  • Electronic and magnetic devices with access control system
  • Innovation and product development.
  • Personal/career coaching.

These are some of the many services that we render to customers/clients at Teesoft Limited. We work closely with our clients/customers in achieving the best solution to solving their problems softly and leave the business running smoothly. Therefore, if you are a home owner or business owner that you want to secure your building with our smart card/KEYFOB access controls or you simply just want your business to run smoothly with an effective IT infrastructure using project management practices, and if you would also like to connect with like-minds at our business events, to grow your business to the next level; please contact us for a quick consultation. We have worked with small, medium and large organisations in delivering different projects successfully and we do this by ensuring that our services delivered are exceptional, to exceed customers’ expectations.
We deliver value inform of services to our customers and also in a friendly manner that will leave them with no option but to recommend us to their friends and partners.