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Teesoft Limited organizes business events for like-minds to share vital and useful information among aspiring Entrepreneurs/existing Entrepreneurs, business owner, organizations and businesses. Our business events are tailored to make participants enjoy the importance of coming out of their comfort zones to learn how to acquire more clients or business partners through networking, sharing of knowledge and ideas, crowd-sourcing funds for potentially viable businesses or projects, embracing mind coaching and exploiting innovation as way to boost businesses.We envisioned to do business events regularly and we have already started in that line, with the collaboration of well known businesses in the likes of FAME Magazines, Femingle social network, Embrace Your Geek and Creative Encounters. We believe that Entrepreneurs must be flexible, motivated and innovative in the way they build their business models, such that the business owner can embrace changes when he/she acquire vital information from the great speakers and attendees of our business gatherings of innovative-minds.As Hal Gregersen and Jeff Dyer simply stated in an article; “Innovative entrepreneurs act different to think different and in the end, they make a difference. They live the Innovator’s DNA by regularly asking provocative questions, observing the world like anthropologists, networking with diverse people to get new ideas, experimenting to figure out novel solutions, and connecting the typically unconnected insights to create disruptive new business ideas.”This can only be achieved when you associate yourself with great minds from different backgrounds and skills to create productive ideas from a business events or conference; and this is what our uniquely tailored business events will give to our selective target audience, and you must be part of them.