Company Registration: 08434266

About Us

Teesoft Limited was founded by the Director, Temitayo Oyediran, a Masters graduate in Software Engineering at the University of Hertfordshire, United Kingdom. Teesoft itself was generated from his nickname “TEEwhy” and “SOFTware”; which is the combination of both his name and course of study.

Teesoft Limited as a consulting and business/project management company was introduced when Temitayo was looking for a way to solve clients’ problem in a very soft manner, so as to leave a long lasting sense of connection with them and also to show them how much they are valued by our company.

We have our team within Teesoft limited who have acquired experiences from some of the leading companies or institutions in this world, with a combination of their experience and commitment, we go extra-mile in making sure that we exceed our customers’ expectation and we manage their requirements extensively well. Most of our team members have gone to work at different companies with various roles as IT consultant, IT project coordinator, Project Manager, Computer Engineer, Service Manager, Business Data Analyst, Helpdesk Analyst, Direct Sales Marketer, Executive Regional Manager and Customer Service Manager. We leverage on these experiences and our enthusiasm for greatness, which have helped us to observe the best way possible to make our clients/customers to become our best friends and thereby make them to do more of the advertisement for our business. Our uniqueness is to make sure that we solve the problems for our clients softly, by providing them with adequate information on the problem and how to minimize or eliminate the cause of the problem.

Our commitments revolve around these three things: Trust, Service and Loyalty. We aim to deliver value to clients in many ways as one of them is the opportunity we had in securing a contract to work with Computacenter in delivering the Windows 7 migration project, to deploy over 12,000 desktops/laptops to Boots UK employees and we also worked on few others projects for clients such as Astra Zene, Barclays bank, Vodafone, Lloyds TSB bank, Transport For London, Network rail, Deutsche Bank, Bank of America and HMRC. Due to the wide exposure that we have in consultation, we have also been involved working with other project team in delivering the Windows 7 migration project for Visa Europe at their UK offices in Reading, Basingstoke and Paddington. Because we value the importance of self improvement and business growth, we also coordinate several business events where great like-minds (e.g. Aspiring Entrepreneurs, Entrepreneurs, Inventors and Innovators) embrace the collaboration of participants at our business events to share vital information that can foster the expansion of their businesses and also to enlarge their effort building relationship with other businesses owners and prospective client/customers. We specialise in the area of Creativty, Motivation and Innovation. We believe that these three areas are key to any brand or corporate development, so we engage the participants of our business events in practical sessions mastering the successful development of their businesses in these three aspects.

Here is a quote on how we deal with our customers;
“The will to do, limits the how. Because where there is a will, there will always be a way out. We just have to find the way out.”- Temitayo Oyediran.