Company Registration: 08434266

  • INNOVATION BOOST  This event is on Saturday 7th December, 2013 at the Law building, UH Hatfield and it’s an intensive training session for all participants to learn the essential tools and practices necessary to enhance their innovation skills and also to develop or improve themselves from just generating ideas to actually executing those great ideas.
Welcome to Teesoft!

Teesoft Limited was registered by England and Wales with company number 08434266, where we make your problems soft and solve your problem softly. Our mission is to achieve great success together with our clients, by helping them to realize the importance of connecting with prospective customers or business partners at business events/seminars.

Connecting with like-minds and your potential customers has proven to be one of the best way to achieve great success in your business; hence the necessity of team-working in all businesses.
We also ensure that our business events and consulting services give you that opportunity to either connect with great set of people in your area of interest or on how to embrace innovation as a way of improving your business.

We render our services by engaging the clients/customers in a friendly conversation, to fully understand their request and place a scenario that makes the problem easier to understand by both sides, before we commence on a plan to solving the problem.

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